Spartan Assassins


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A massive fleet of Roman ships is about to land on the coastline of your empire! As the enemy soldiers plan on marching on the cities of Greece, your leadership is needed. You and all your fellow players need to unite the Assassins of Sparta to halt the invasion!

Starting March 31st 10:00am, you are called to defend your homeland with the aid of Sparta’s Assassins. You decide over life and death: eliminated cavalrymen, legionnaires and sappers drop equipment pieces, which you can put together to complete collections that unlock special rewards, and Battle Tokens, a valuable currency for use in the event shop. Join forces with other players to prevent the invasion and unlock powerful community rewards until the event ends on April 6th, 23:59 CET.

Don't forget, the shop will be open until 23:59 on April 8th, so make sure you spend all your Battle Tokens before then!

We've made some changes to improve the UI and event, as well as balance it for the shortening of the event duration:
  • Changed it so the 'shoot' animation only happens the first time your archer shoots, rather than with every shot taken. You'll still see which soldier you hit, but the character won't show.
  • Replaced the armor rewards with Divine Battle Strategy powers.
  • Changed the free arrow mechanics:
    • Previously, with every shot, you had a very low chance to also find an arrow.
    • We will change this so that with every new set of targets, at least 2 arrows will be placed randomly behind a target.
    • Additionally, each new board will also have a 30% chance for an additional arrow to be placed behind a target.
  • We have reduced the cost of refilling your quiver with 5 arrows from 60 Gold to 50.
  • Adjusted the Community Goal first calculation to be based on a percentage of 10% of the total event duration, rather than a fixed time of 2 days.
    • For example, an event lasting 10 days would calculate the Community Goals after 1 day.
    • The method of calculation outside of this change to when it triggers remains the same based on changes made in 2020.

For more information, please check out the Wiki (this has not yet been updated with the changes above).

We're looking forward to joining forces with you. See you in-game!

Best regards,
Your Grepolis Team