Acknowledged Sparta vs Hades: Overall Ranking

Ingame Nick: Draba Aspera
Affected world(s): all
Browser: FF
Reproduction steps:
  1. . Open the event screen and have a look at the ranking
  2. . Find that the overall ranking is currently assigned to alliances instead of players
  3. .
Detailed error description (What you see):

How it should be:

The overall ranking should show players, not alliances. It cannot be intended that the rewards dedicated to the winners in the overall ranking are to be given to every player of the winning alliance(s), for example additional 30% power for light ships for 40 days (20 x 2 days) to all players of the leading alliance. We have seen many exaggerations lately (Ares etc), and thus we cannot be sure that this is a bug an not a "feature". But if so, the game designer(s) should reconsider here as well.

I hope it is a bug though - at least neither the announcement nor the wiki page shows this as a change of the event concept.

2021-06-23 10_39_46-Window.png

2021-06-23 10_44_04-Window.png


Community Manager
Grepolis Team
The idea of giving rewards to alliances is something we want to try at some point, but rewards shouldn't be the exact same as the past editions.

The team is investigating, we'll let you know as soon as we have some official updates :)


Community Manager
Grepolis Team
For this edition we have switched back to the player ranking, but that string is still wrong for now.

Players will be rewarded :)


Calydonian Boar
On zz19 we need the extra slot though, why not give to the whole alliance certain gifts, and to best players other gifts?


Calydonian Boar
How more gifts to Greece? That’s getting a bit much, don’t you think so?

And why do the players need Rewards, almost all of them play exclusively on beta worlds among themselves.
The other players, if any of them get lost, are only talked about internally by foreigners. Is this the official greek server?:glasses: