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ehhhh.... Why? Its classic grepo internationale, right? So, I need to write in English because you can't understand in French or you're too lazy to translate??? cmonnnn

So you whine about free stuff? Someone gives you a gift and you say "it's not working the way I like"?

As mentioned above, this is not adhered to by the BETA forum, and as I see, there is no specific regulation that says that you have to speak in a specific language


you're too lazy to translate???
If I am lazy to translate it into my native language, I believe you won't be and you will translate it from your native language to English... as the forum rules allow to use only English. Or are you lazy as well?


I'm sorry but the correct place to talk french is the french forum.
I dont wanna talk in the French forum, I wanna talk about your classic grepo and js, when we click on the forum in game we get to post here. Maybe it would be better than your link in game transfer us to the French forum :p

Or are you lazy as well?
I'm not lazy but I don't like how some people answer to some players so I was feeling good to post in my own language because this version is an internationale one. Look like its Internationale until some person can't understand and then it turn in an English one. :)


Do seems some people can get into classic game as i could log in a moment ago before got kicked out again and see my rank already has fall down to rank 19 as hadt rank 7 before this fall down starded


treu only problem i see is people from US are playing game now as some gowing to bed becouse of time differens
Means the people what starded this morning server time couldend do a thing in building or farming becouse of the problems
So in my opinion i would say shut world make a new date to try again and hope it will works beter

Also me think problem is in the farming the villages evry time i send attack i get kicked out of the game

Stil have fun with it will see howfare i will have droped if its to mutch i quit the game so 1 person less maybe that will works

the game whas to give us some fun but all what whe see now is people getting agresive
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I friend of mine was trying to enter - sign in since 17:00 and now:



That's too bad, unfortanly the limit will not be increased for now. The serverload is still a problem. With increasing the player limits the serverload would also increased.


You have made another bad shape, this is the opportunity for the international community to give a strong signal all together to make them come back to listen, stop gold stop the game for a few days, probably few will do so and we deserve to continue To happen these things


Is it over? I have not returned from my vacation yet hahahaha


It's a joke hahaha, unfortunately I could only play three weeks :(