Acknowledged Small Temple wrong open time


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confirmed by chrome (no scripts as usual)

By the way:
I really wonder --> starting just now until April 2, 2020, the remaining days are 12 days instead of 11 days - how do you calculate the eleven days?

wrong time small temple.JPG

And there is another text wrong. As I am guess, there will not spawn Olympus, but there will be spawn the Large Temples, right?
wrong time large temple.JPG


Auch die Zeitangabe für die großen Tempel ist natürlich falsch.
Es muss ja 69 Tage nach den kleinen Tempeln sein, also am 10. Juni.

The date for the large temples is of course also wrong.
It must be 69 days after the small temples, so on June 10th.


may be

The Small-Temple stage lasts for 69 days.

Large-Temple stage (Stage 3)
At the start of the Large-Temple stage, the six large temples will spawn, one for each god.

These temples will always spawn in the midway point between the center of the world and the last available island on the edge, and they are distributed in an equidistant manner. The exact location may vary based on other factors.
Each Alliance can only hold 2 of them, so choose wisely.
The Large-Temple stage will end when all large temples are captured.
If not all large temples are taken before 19 days, the stage will end.