Not a Bug/Cannot reproduce Sirens VS Fire ships


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Sandbox 19:
Reproduction steps:
  1. .Choose Aphrodite as your deity
  2. .Create Sirens in your harbour
  3. .Attack another city using fire ships in defense with your Sirens

Is it ok that, contrary to Hydras, Sirens are defeated by fire ships ? :

Shouldn’t mythical naval units have the same behaviour ? (According to the simulator they're both reinforced by heroic power and not by favorable wind):

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I totaly agree you but let me rephrase. Is it normal that sirens are considered like "war ships" (to separate from transport or colo ships) whereas Hydras aren't ? (I suppose that the behaviour of hydras (Vs fire ships) is the true one for mythical naval units... Perhaps it’s the contrary and all mythical naval units have to be considered as war ships but in this case Hydras should be modified). That’s strange that they use the sames spells (common to mythicals) but have a such difference in using.

And if mythical naval units are to be considered as war ships, why don't they use Favorable Wind instead of Heroic Power?
IMO It's more about a design problem than a true "bug".
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