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Hello players!

As many of you know, the Simulator is an integral part of an effective tacticians arsenal in the world of Grepolis. This simple window offers you the chance to simulate battle results, either before a battle, to see how you will do against your enemies, or after, to try and figure out why you lost! Long time players will also know that as Grepolis has evolved, and we've added new powers and spells, the Simulator's bonus selection window hasn't kept up! This makes it difficult to accurately predict the results of a fight, risking precious troops!

Introducing... the all new and improved Battle Bonus selection screen! This addition to the Simulator both adds all of the missing bonuses, but also makes the Simulator scale with anything added in the future. We'll be enabling this new window during the day on March 31st 2021. To access the new window, simply click on the '+' next to the battle bonuses on the right hand side of the Simulator window:


Once in the new window, you're presented with two columns. The red column on the right is the attackers bonuses, whilst the green one on the right is the defender's. To add a bonus, click on the + button, and select the one you want.


Some powers, such as Ares Rage, have levels! Increasing the level of the power is easy, simply select it, then click the up and down arrows to increase or decrease the level. Additionally, you can also use the same increase and decrease functionality on Temple Buffs, in case you have multiple temples offering the same buff, and want to simulate this.


You have a wealth of options ranging from every bonus available in the game:
  • Powers such as Ares Rage, Battle Strategy, Soteria's Shrine.
  • Spells such as Favorable Wind or Narcissism.
  • Temple buffs for Olympus worlds.
  • Technologies for researches like Phalanx and Battle Experience.
  • Buildings for the Tower special building
  • Advisors
  • Game Bonuses like Night Bonus
And that's not all. The different spells and powers are filtered so that they are only included in their applicable column. For example, Soteria's Shrine doesn't show in the Attackers column, and Ares Rage doesn't show in the Defender's!

Once you're happy with your selection, simply click the X in the top right corner to return to the main Simulator window, applying your selected bonuses to your calculations. If you find you make a mistake and want to start from scratch, you can easily do so by clicking on the 'Reset Configuration' button in the bottom left corner.

We hope this addition to the Simulator helps to really improve your overall experience with it, and goes a long way towards accurate planning of your attacks! We're looking forward to seeing your feedback in this thread, and of course, we're also looking out for bugs you find, so please be sure to report these on our bugs section!

Your Grepolis Team
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An additional note: as this is a new feature, there are a couple of open bugs which will be fixed in the next few days and weeks ahead of the live release. These bugs are mostly cosmetic, but we felt it was important to bring them to light so you have an awareness of them.

  • The text descriptions of powers with levels doesn't update when increasing these levels. For example, a level 1 and 5 Ares Rage description shows the same percentage.
  • The text used on some powers is longer than required. For example, the text shown for Divine Battle Strategy includes the current used BP of this power, which isn't relevant when running a simulation. This will be excluded.
  • Once you select powers from the new selection window, the 'Battle Bonuses' on the main simulator screen doesn't currently visually update. The selected powers do work in the background when a simulation is run, however.
Additionally, we've noticed that a couple of userscripts interfere with the new window for now, so we'd recommend switching them off to test out the power selection window properly.