Servers freeze in mass action of hundrets or thousand's attacks / supports on cities


Hello ,
I have a question ,
because on some PL servers time to time when alliances make big actions for conquer cities on Wonder island ...
servers are going to freeze mode ...
no reports , if in this time has sended attack , support and units back to origin city , the query of returning units is in processing job and show up this few hours
whats that mean , a units in this time even if time of return has ended but server still processing job of returning units ... are not available on city

how is it on other servers , there any issues regarding to send in "synchro time" hundrets or thousand's attack/supports , which block a servers for time generate thousand's of reports ?

another question are You able to blame players to play in Grepolis and use attack or support for conquer any of city ? its build in functionality , there is no option "buy a city" its mandatory to conquer it . and normal is a synchro time of attacks to do not give possibility to re-support city with defend units on time .

I asking , because on PL servers we receive whery frustrating message from PL Team , about this kind of actions make as problem and servers are affected during mass attacks and also is prohibited and can be banned


This is a global problem, not only on PL worlds.

Generally you can't blame players for the fact that the server kind of freezes. For some conquests such a mass of movements is necessary.

But it is prohibited sending many small attacks (with a very low amount of troops) or many trades or spies, or any other mass-interaction with the targeted player if the purpose of these "fake-attacks" and movements is to conquer a town while the player can't react because his game freezes. This does NOT include full attacks.

At least this is how it is handled on DE worlds.