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Thanks for the report.

Could you please update the first post with the bug report template and also add some evidence of the reported issue?
Buffysara already posted the issue yesterday in DE - she is watching the data provided by InnoGames very closely for her own weekly statistics in the German forum. The (Beta) data feed stopped after one of the numerous updates on July 25, 2019, and you should be able to confirm that no updates regarding battle points, conquests or alliance/player status have been published since the morning of that day.

And, of course, the activity status display of the GRC shows all players as inactive again - that´s what most players notice first...^^

Same situation as last time, and you can check it on the statistics pages I had posted then:
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Well, when all external services encounter(ed) the same problem, I would assume that the source of the problem is... its source...^^
I don´t know - maybe the devs have noticed and fixed the issue yesterday - the status display of the external services always lags one day behind.

I am on-line and constantly building on zz13 (and got some offensive battle points, too), yet the GRC activity status says

And that´s exactly the period of time not shown by the other external services either. We will know by tomorrow whether the issue is resolved or not.
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Es sieht so aus als sei das Problem diesmal spezifischer.
Offensichtlich werden Eroberungen angezeigt. Punktezuwächse oder Kampfpunkte aber nicht.
Ich hatte heute Nacht eine Eroberung im Meer 12 zu laufen. (zz2)
Thanas44 will mich dort aber wohl nicht und hat zwischen 2 und 3 Uhr 1.100 Biremen rausgeschossen. Nichts davon ist beim GRC zu sehen.
Er selbst hat aber laut GRC heute um 8:34 Uhr eine Stadt erobert.
Meine Punkte auf zz2 sind bei den Innodaten noch immer so wie gestern. Wahrscheinlich seit Donnerstag.

It looks like the problem is more specific this time.
Obviously, conquests are displayed. But points gains or battle points are not.
I had a conquest tonight at Sea 12. (zz2)
But Thanas44 does not want me there and shot out 1,100 Biremen between 2 and 3 o'clock. None of this can be seen at the GRC.
He has conquered a city today at 8:34 am, according to GRC.
My points on zz2 are still the same in the Inno data as yesterday. Probably since Thursday.


I was too tired this night to post it, but I checked the "conquers.txt" a couple of hours ago. It still works fine. It also shows on tools.

But what doesn't appear is the change of points aswell as fighting points. These don't seem to update regularly anymore. (I did not check the points in the txt files since there is no date and i don't keep track of the points - that's what statistic websites/tools should do^^


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Let's manually take a snapshot of the battle points file today then, and we'll see by tomorrow whether something has changed or not :)
To translate Buffy from the German Forum.

A few of the tables are updated and a few don't. As she have not evaluated all this tables are provided by IG, she can't give a detailed overview.

The conquest list work fine, but points and battle points don't work.

Hope this helps, to evaluate the full problem.
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At the moment the only players shown as "active" by the external services are the ones who started yesterday - but they are shown with 1 city and 0 points (because the points and battle points data don´t get published, while the number of players and the number of cities are updated/published).

This also means that players who have conquered or settled cities during these last 2 days and 22 hours are shown with the correct (new) number of cities, but the old number of account (and battle) points. The same is true for players who have lost cities - the city losses are stated, the number of the cities remaining is correct, but the number of account (and battle) points is unchanged, even for players who have lost their last city during this time period (or were deleted).

The number of player changes (accounts leaving or joining alliances or being deleted) is not published, while the results of those changes are stated correctly, i.e the accounts are shown in the correct alliance, or without an alliance, or without cities (but with the old number of account points).

The issue seems to have started when the event was started a second time in the early afternoon of July 25 - this time it has not been caused by the daily update.