Duplicate Sending ressources to other cities

Die Kunst Der Fugue

Divine Envoy
Ingame Nick: Die kunst der fugue
Affected world(s): ZZ18 - ZZ19
Browser: google chrome
Reproduction steps:
  1. I just click on one farming villages. I do not interact with them.
  2. . Then I click on another city of mine or a city of another player and select "trade"

    Detailed error description (What you see):
    I see only the travel time and I can't send ressources, it's all white (image 1)

    How it should be:
    we should be able to select the number of ressources we want to send and (the wharehouse size for our own cities)
    then we should be able to send them
    (image 2)




Community Manager
Grepolis Team
Thanks for the report, this seems to share the root cause of other reported here. Interacting with Farming Villages seems to break various other game functionalities. Our developers are working on it :)