Sandbox 16

Dear Admins,

Why are there so many bugs? We don't care if the bugs are small but the troop dissapearing is the most annoying.. Too many players are complaining about this and someones don't know what to do...


Community Manager
Grepolis Team
We're really sorry about the situation of these days. There is some ongoing maintenance work on the backend structure of the game to keep it running for many years to come, but replacing code written many years ago can be quite a challenging task to also not break other stuff here and there that may have hidden or unexpected dependencies.

The disappearing units is indeed the worse issue at the moment and it is the one with higher priority. A fix is in progress and is being tested on as we speak. I cannot promise it will be deployed tomorrow, but I do really hope it will be ready for Wednesday.

Thank you for staying with us, for your understanding and especially for your cooperation in finding those nasty bugs to make sure they will not affect the live markets.