Processing arived commands

Thank you, @bogdy 95

I can say, it was not updated for about 30 Minutes, I have had only round 100 commands with the city for a time period of 3 hours and I used a gaming PC.
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Numerous server lags today on zz7, including missing attack alarm (browser version), red swords not disappearing after attack has landed, etc.


This is when the server needs to process the reports from attacks if there are many and last just for a few seconds usually.
ok we have this sometimes on live worlds and there its not gone away with time only F5 is needed to make that message vanished^^


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This has been introduced with one of the latest commands system rework to improve the overall performance. In some cases that label stays there but it disappears on refreshing the page :)
Thank you @Arci . That's the explanation why I hadn't seen it before; the other thing is that there weren’t regularly not so many attacks to me
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