Not a Bug/Cannot reproduce Problem with importing pictures to forum

Ingame Nick: galanoulis
Affected world(s): zz2
Browser: Chrome, Edge, Firefox,
Reproduction steps:
  1. .try to add an image in the forum with the usage of the img bb-code
  2. .try both http and https url of the image
  3. .
Detailed error description (What you see):
Once pm is send (or use the preview) or save the forum message, the image is not displayed.

How it should be:
it should display the actual image entered in the bb-code

Issue seems to be only in game as here I see that I was able to import a photo...



the problem is with the phots from the domain.
The pictures generated by the Lightshot app/addon ( that many of us use here in order to get and post screenshots.

This issue was mentioned to me by another player as well, so this is not isolated to my PC or account.

This domain works OK on other site I tested it (not Inno)
Moreover I had mentioned in the past issues of the main forum withthis domain and then ARci had suggested to use copy - paste.
Unfortunatelly copy - paste is not working for in-game forum.... and the issue appeared there as well!!!!


Community Manager
Grepolis Team
Thanks for reporting!

It was mentioned in today's release notes, unsecure (http) images are no longer supported. Now a message is displayed to make it more clear.