Price changes


Dear players,

Today we would like to inform you that on November 24th 2014 the current prices of Gold will be altered. This change is based on many factors but the most important are the fees per payment operator and the upcoming tax legislation.

With these two major motives, there will be localized changes applied to the different versions of Grepolis. Bellow is a list of gold packages and their prices for the Grepolis Beta where you are currently playing on.

- Package 1: 600 gold for 4.99EUR, 4.99USD, 2.99GBP
- Package 2: 1500 gold for 9.99EUR, 10.99USD, 7.49GBP
- Package 3: 4000 gold for 19.99EUR, 21.99USD, 15.49GBP
- Package 4: 12500 gold for 49.99EUR, 54.99USD, 37.99GBP
- Package 5: 25000 gold for 79.99EUR, 89.99USD, 59.99GBP

The changes are to be effective from November 24th 2014.

Best regards,
Your Grepolis team.