Persian conquest is here!


Prepare for battle!

(update: event canceled, more information bellow)

The Persian army are invading Grepolis! And only you can stop them!
Form the 6th of October, you will have 45 days to stand alongside your fellow players against the Persian invasion led by Artemisia. Reap fame for you and your alliance by conquering their heavily guarded cities and plundering their riches.

Find out more about this in our wiki.

And remember this is war, so its not available on peace worlds such as Hyperborea.
Your Grepolis team
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Hello everyone,

Sadly, we had to cancel the Persian Conquest in the beta community. This is mainly because the halloween event start phase is incompatible with the start phase of the Persian Conquest.

After some consideration, we decided that for the beta community is more important to have the new features before everyone else, and this made the decision easier, to implement the Halloween event tomorrow.

Thank you for understanding.
The Grepolis team