Pandora's Box 2021


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On one fateful day, as dawn breaks, an ominous box lies in front of the temple. The High Priestess kneels next to it, in tears. She prays to the gods to hear her call and help her rid the world of this foul artifact, lest the evil spirits which lie within may torment the citizens. As her prayer draws to a close, Pandora’s Box springs open, releasing the spirits contained within...

From August 26th, 10am server time until September 8th you can uncover the origin of Pandora’s Box and help the Priestess fend off the evil powers that have emerged from it. Send out event troops on deadly missions to capture the Spirits and be rewarded for your heroic sacrifices. Once 7 spirits are captured, Pandora’s Box can be closed. But don’t celebrate your victory just yet, as the Priestess' seal won’t last forever and ultimately more spirits will be released, and require more work to be banished once more!

For each mission, you will receive Honor Points, which vary by how successfully a mission has been completed - the better the chances, the more honor points can be obtained. Each closed box is also rewarded royally, with special new event rewards being granted for the 10th, 20th, 30th and 40th box closed. Additionally, you can challenge other players to become Pandora’s Champion, Hero or Servant as a leader in the overall ranking, a title endowed with special award for reaching the top 3.

Who is behind this cataclysm? Only one of great power can break such a strong seal. Play on to find out and solve this disastrous mystery!

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For additional information on the event, please check out our dedicated Wiki page.
See you in-game and best of luck, spirit hunter!

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