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  • Large Temples: At 21/8 Large Temples appear with shields. Today, 27/8 at 9:00:00 the Large Temples opened. At 09:00:00 01/09/2021, there will be Temple Shielding and at 09:00:00 09/09/2021 Olympus will spawn. We will lose 2 weeks from battle, because of Temples Shielding and as a result Olympus will spawn one day after the Large Temples will be unshielded. No time left and as a result the rule of "Conquering all 6 Temples to spawn the Olympus sooner" doesn't stand. Too much time consuming.
  • Olympus: When Olympus spawns, there will be little time to clear it and conquer it before the Temple Shields.. Because of the Shields, the duration of closing the world will be more.
  • Opinion: I have played 5 Olympus worlds, the first one too. My opinion is that, you shouldn't change the buffs of the Small Temples, if you want to add the Temple Shields. The old Olympus system was much better when it comes to the Temples. Also, I dont like the map generation. The map is too wide when it comes to the islands.One island is far from the other. Too many small islands in the center of the map and as a result, you force the players to make colonizations. So you prevent the PVP.
  • Suggestions: 1)Bring back the old Temple buffs. 2)Adjust the map better at the cross. 3)Stop the Temple Shielding when the Large Temples spawn.
If I have any other problems-suggestions, i will write it down.


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4 days ?

what are these constant rule changes, what about the next round, is it then only 2 days?

Very one-sided, the programmer plays here actively at the leading alliance, if things continue like this nobody will play Grepo anymore, you lose all desire to play Grepo, you break the whole game, but you don't care, well then You Inno employees here soon alone and soon unemployed, wish you good luck in your job search
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The next jump on 1.10.21 9 a.m.?

The other day it was October 29th at 9 a.m., just unilaterally change the rules in favor of the leading alliance, if not 27 days, drop the whole thing right away, give the leading alliance the titles and crowns, and that's it, why should we'll play for a long time, it's pointless anyway, all the best, you can ..........

He is right (at least regarding Olympus). This is not the first time the date stated for the next jump of Olympus was changed- it seems to "jump" more often than Olympus itself.

Some days prior to the first jump (on September 20) the date stated for the jump suddenly switched to September 19 (which would have been correct, btw), which caused some confusion in our planning but was changed back to September 20 only 4 days prior to that date.

The in-game info originally stated that Olympus will change its location after 10 days, Now the in-game rules were changed and now state 11 days between the jumps:

Those "jumping" dates for the jumps are confusing, not only for the leading alliance but for all players. Additionally, the rules of a running world should not be changed midgame. The quoted info originally clearly stated 10 days between the jumps. Since Olympus spawned on September 9, we all expected the next jumps for September 19 and 29. Instead the first jump (after some confusion as described above) occurred on September 20, and now the second jump is announced for October 1 - only because the rules were changed secretly/without any notice (from 10 days to 11 days between the jumps).

I understand that other alliances might be especially irritated by that change. A holding time of 27 days combined with jumps every 10 days meant that any alliance must land their CS and complete their conquest of Olympus within the first 24 hours of the iteration - in order to gain the victory with only 3 conquests. With 11 days between the jumps, they don´t have to watch the clock so closely, and it is more likely that 3 conquests will suffice.
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