Fixed Olympus did not jump

Ingame Nick: DrabaAspera
Affected world(s): zz16
Browser: FF
Reproduction steps:
  1. . Wait until 30.06.2020 to see Olympus jump for the first time
  2. . Find that the Gods decided to stay where they are - Olympus did not change its position
  3. . Find that the timer says 264:00:00, while the timer indicating the time our alliance held Olympus is ticking on
Detailed error description (What you see):

How it should be:


2020-06-30 09_01_53-Window.png
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Grepolis Team
Devs are investigating, but I doubt will jump today at this point.
This was the last test of an Olympus jump until the same problems will occur on live worlds where some hours delay might give a clear advantage to the alliance holding Olympus because those hours are added to their "time account".

For the sake of the live worlds you should consider to try and resolve the issue while zz16 is still online and to have at least one successful Olympus jump on Beta before the world closes, even if this means that the world will not close as scheduled. There won´t be another chance to fix this issue before it causes turmoil and utter disappointment on the live worlds (that have been opened prematurely).