not enough farm spaces


I don't think it's a bug, but it's strange and I don't understand... (lol, don't try to reproduce on my cities !)

A player sent a lightning bolt on my city : he broke 1 level of marketplace -> free population 3.
Why I need 4 population to rebuild ?
Of course I wasn't building troops. He didn't send Patroness after (I already did such thing to block walls)


It isn't very important (1 level of market : never mind).... it's only to know !
Do not worry, that's a well known bug by the provider.
It has to do with decimal places the building are calcualated, by the demolition the number of free population are to small for the new building, and that's every time the same.

If I remember correct, this bug won't be patched. But we can ask @* Arci * if there are any news for this.
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thanks, I didn't worry, I only don't like when I don't understand...
about a market, never mind
(usually I don't see it because I always have 2-3 free population)


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Yes yes, this is an old side effect as in our backend the population is calculated with decimals, and it may cause some rounding issues like that on frontend.
Fixing it would require a complete rework on how population is handled, and that's a lot of work.

Anyways, this is in our backlog, maybe one day it will get fixed... but hopefully it shouldn't be much gamebreaking ^^