Fixed no festivals


player : zutetrezut
world : SANDBOX
I play usually with google chrome - Version 53.0.2785.116 m (64-bit)

Since last night, festivals with administrator doesn't work.
(with Agora, it's ok, but… a bit long !! )


We already have similar problem a long time ago (around 1 year). I remember because the first of the world was groaning : he couldn't do manually 400 festivals.
lol, now I have 750 cities… me neither !

about others fonctions of administator :
- trade is ok
- cave has a problem too

Problem is only with google chrome, on bêta world.
I tried with Microsoft Edge : administrator works (but I have no scripts no extensions)

In normal world (I'm playing on french servor) , with google chrome, there was an update of GreplisToolkit today and after all is ok too.

Thanks to "save me" ;)


Community Manager
Grepolis Team
Well, 750 towns is a bit too much to start festivals one by one, I totally agree with this point :p

So you experience this issue only with Goole Chome, right?

I think as first you should try again the same feature with all your extensions disabled, and maybe a cache/cookie clean up can help :)


As it isn't my first bug, I already did all that today.
But to please you
, I tried again.
After I reactived them, one after one, and miraculous
... administrator is ok now. It's really capricious, but if it works....

Thanks, can be closed, till next time ;)


just for information

I didn't reactive GrepolisToolkit.


Usually it doesn't work on bêta world (there are a message), but it does not interfere.
And it is usefull on normal world (keyboard shortcut).
GrepolisToolkit had an update yesterday.

I tried to reactive now. Problems came back. I found the responsible.
Among problems, I could not make troops, like marami (I go in the other message)


zut ! marami message is closed

She didn't say, recruitement is blocked at 00:00.
It's black, like that :


I have this when I reactive GrepolisToolkit.

I'm playing in the same alliance than marami in french server. I'll say her what she must do.


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Grepolis Team
Basically the script was just making interference with the game :p

Disabling every external tool is usually the second common step after cache and cookies, most of graphical errors come from that.

Thanks a lot for clarifying what you found :)