New Menu Layout


While this may look extremely cool it is far too big and takes up valuable real estate, why not reduce it in size then put all other features, Mini map etc and Gods,Troops etc on the same side giving back some of the real estate.

Also it would seem the with this and the new Senate changes, relocation of temple/wall etc, and the new requirements, that changes are being made just for changes sake, remember the old adage, if it ain't broke don't fix it.

Another online games company did exactly the same thing with a facebook game, Mafia Wars, players left in their thousands, the team should concentrate on sorting out the bugs and not changing things to look prettier or for the sake of it.

While I agree a game should evolve and new ideas need to be brought forward, changing a very popular game may not be the correct way forward, how about something along the lines of Grepolis - The Second Age, a game that continues where Grepolis ends