New Hero Mihalis

Greek Pirate

Divine Envoy
proper research for new names adds to the authenticity of the game, otherwise we could just call new heros names like Caesar


I have the same opinion. the name Michael is not Greek. There are so many names to choose from
Miltiades, Themistocles, Epameinontas etc.


Calydonian Boar
Since we are on the subject, who is Ferkyon? There are no occurence of such a hero in Greek Mythology (if there are enlighten me)
The problem is that they label the game with refence to Ancient greece but many thing have nothing to do with the actual mythology they refer to, or they are just not what is presented as...

for example the mythical unit "Satyr".... which is synonym to "pevert" and was a rapist (among many other things)!!!
And it is needles to mention how Satyr is actually represented in the Ancient greek history.... with a permanent er***ion !!! a simple google search will enlighten those who do not know....

But then again who am I to judge those who do not have a clue of what they are promoting....


Calydonian Boar
if you want to keep the reference to ancient Greece, you should also use names from this time. I agree.