New Farming Villages option



I'm contacting you this evening because I think it would be interesting to add a little feature to the Captain: in the overview of the Farming Villages, it would be nice to be able to check the cities for which we want to recover resources, and can only click once on "harvest" (instead of once per city) since it takes ages to collect them all when you have many hundred cities

Feel sorry for the bad picture, it could be better.

Regards (from Belgium),



i think this will not gonna be added for a simple reason , farming need time , and grepolis is a game that force you to spend time in the game as much as possible.

The difference between top players at the end of the server is directly linked to this , the one that spent more time in the game to farm is going to be in front of others .


The community wants things like this since the very beginning.

We can select more publishable reports thanks to the community who asked for it. Collecting the farming village is the thing where you spent the most time of your day. If you can't farm it anymore, you lose half of the resources you can generate on average.


Why is that too much? Could you explain a bit, please?

I think it would balance the game for those who are less connected and don't want to spend 10 hours a day just for collecting villages. If you are against, you might never collect those farming villages.. Or you never had 150 cities and wanted to harvest the ressources

I'm already farming those every 10 or 40min but it tooks so much time when you have more than 100 cities. Even when I'm doing the 3-hours one, it can take like 5min..

Were you also against the update for publishing more than one RC at once??
Do you also want the dev to remove the admin so you can't recruite all the troops at once or doing the festivals one by one? No. It's part of the game.
When you get hundred cities, you have to do multiple things at once. Not one city one-by-one