More customizable forum


Calydonian Boar
I was checking something on the forum lately, specifically the "Functions" button. I had some improvements in mind, which I think are pretty easy to implement...
1) Give the option to customize the order of the threads (by last update, size, name) or as you can do with the tabs, let the moderator to manually choose the place of each thread and let it be fixed that way.
2) Give the ability of the forum moderator to be able to hide threads not just forums. For example, one may want to fix a thread but without constantly being spammed to everyone as a notification and when ready it can be turned to unhidden.

I don't think such changes are, to say, vital or important but it would be a good update for a more usable forum, and I don't believe they are too difficult to implement, since such abilities exist ( internal forum access is given to people with such attribute, the sorting of tabs can be organized by the moderator and not only automatically, cities have a sorting algorithm ordering them by their names which could be another topic about customization).


Alliance Forum as it is has two levels of accessibility; one for every member of the alliance and one "hidden" level, for alliance council etc.
I think it would be useful to add one more level.
Alliances have plain members, trusted members, and administration members. The lowest level of accessibility should be for new or not trustworthy members, while some topics that refer to very sensitive matters should be for very few eyes only. Thus, a third, intermediate level is useful.
If this customization is not too complicated, it would add to better administration of alliances.