Mole Hole - info


Hello everybody who using Mole Hole ,
unfortunatelly self author of script didn't give any information on web page or self script

but future exist of MoleHole is on "?"

financial problems of self author are decide to no more self funding a costs of entire infrastructure (server/domain/certyficate)
its not a big amount of yearly costs around (70E) per year ,

yesterday was a problem with script because certificate has been expired - due to no extend for next year - its easy to over pass just make exclusion for certifacte on web page
but on 21,May will be higher problem one of service i dont remeber which (server/domain) will expire , thats no more MoleHole available till new service will be payd

I dont have accounts on other languages forums then I asking You to forward this manifest to others language forums

please use Donate available on script or web page to give opurtunity to still exist this script

Thx and Moderate of forum please "cenzure" but dont erase everythink if something is wrong with term of rules .
be remeber a lot of people play in Grepolis they still play because somebody create usuable scripts to make this game more easist .