Not a Bug/Cannot reproduce Main Forum link photo URL from

You can upload the image directly in your post :)
yes.... after you save it to your PC....... i.e. more complicated process and double job!!!
(as a simple copy image -->paste in the drop field is not supported!!!)

This was working last time I had to post bug screenshots!!!!

As this is working in the game but not in the forum, it seems to clearly be a problem of the forum settings as something seems to have changed and it is not working now,.
And I do not think that it is an error from the site as it works fine on the subdomains (where XXX the server) but not on the subdomain!!!!!

Moreover why do we have this option to link the url and then the photo is automatically displayed????
And why if I try to use it with the


If I try a random site


but not with the and only on the main forum subdomain!!!

So can you be kind enough and forward this error to the engineering team to have a look??

because not only it sounds similar to errors you had couple of years ago when the https was forced in use... but also due to the fact that the majority of your clients (i.e. the users) use the in order to upload the screenshot!!!!

Thanks again


Community Manager
Grepolis Team
Actually if you copy an image, you can just press Ctrl + V on the forum and it will be automatically uploaded, there's no need to save it in your computer :)

If you're using lightshot, instead of pressing Ctrl+D, uploading the image on the external host, copying the link, pasting it on the forum etc.. just press Ctrl+C and then Ctrl+V on the forum and the image is there. Super fast :)