Low morale during siege


Calydonian Boar
Representing the alliances greekdreamteam, -greekdreamteam-, --greekdreamteam--, greekflag and *Veteran's*, I would like to draw your attention to the low morale gameplay within zz13.

The world is plagued by small accounts used for conquests with low morale. Most players are frustrated, as most of the conquests are made with low morale colonies of cities smaller than 4000 points. We understand the use of low morale players to conquer cities is a strategy of certain players and is currently allowed within the gameplay, even though developers are aware of the abuse and have repeatedly stated in devblog that the system was not intended to provide such advantage to any large player. However the creation of accounts for this purpose has become so mainstream within the world zz13, that there seem to be over 20 accounts active for this purpose. Many other accounts used for this purpose are already banned, probably as double accounts. Reporting these accounts to the game administrators and the administration action of banning some accounts for some days or even permanently has been ineffective, as more accounts are created every day for the same purpose.

Considering that morale is a feature which compensates for the disadvantage that a small player faces when being attacked by a larger player, the transfer of the morale to the siege creates a disadvantage for the larger player that cannot defend his own city, against a low morale colony backed by the forces of another strong player. While we appreciate the morale feature and we believe that should be maintained, we recommend to remove the morale during siege. Such modification should be easily applied by the developers and could restore order in the world zz13.

We feel that the current situation does not ensure a fair game play experience for all players, it has already caused many players to quit the server and we are afraid that most of the active players will quit the world within the following weeks, if this issue is not addressed.
Since InnoGames decided to make active morale the default setting for Grepolis worlds, those supported low-morale/one-city accounts are spreading like a plague from market to market and from game world to game world.

Whenever an alliance starts using this "strategy" on a game world, the other alliances may feel coerced into countering those low morale accounts with LMDs of their own, especially on conquest worlds - a vicious circle destroying all normal game play, fair play and fun on the "infected" worlds.

There have been lots of discussions regarding this issue and possible solutions (e.g. these votes in the German forum asking for the abolition of morale in sieges or after a certain progress:


I must admit that I had never experienced low morale accounts used as a destructive strategy before zz13, neither on my live nor on my Beta game worlds, and so far I had underestimated their destructive and erosive effect on the worlds concerned. zz13 is a sad example of escalating LMD strategies causing frustration for all players. Maybe disabling the morale at this point (or at least disabling the morale during sieges) will be the only way to avoid some kind of mass exodus on zz13, and I would kindly ask the Grepolis team in Hamburg to act accordingly (and swiftly).

The problem, however, also exists on all other current conquest worlds to some extent, and should be addressed very soon.


We proposed about a year ago in GPC to remove morale effect from conquests as it's removed from wonder islands for the same reason (you can read in our first and only report on Devblog), because it was already visible it will be abused and transform the game into what you described...

On EN markets there is a Petition: End Constant Morale Worlds On Conquest which many players support:
Personally I hate moral for this exactly reason meantioned above and that is why I do not like such servers.

I only wanted to draw all attention that this is not something that happened for first time on zz13 (as mentioned above) ....
this morale issue is something that Inno is aware of since early days of Tribal Wars (Inno's first game) where this very same issue existed.....
low point account with one town (as moral was calculated a bit different) full of defenses..and picking on the :"big guys" where the big ones were practically defenseless against this "little dot" as they could not even scratch him regardless the attack power they had....

Since then it was pointed out how fairless this system is. And looks like little have change since then.... and instead of solving the issue, extra workload is created for admins as they have to perform extra chekcs for duplicate accounts!!!

The only solution I think is to have this bonus as long as you get attacked first.. but If the small account attackes first then loose it for lets say 48 hours... same way it goes for VM activation....
So he is safe from big accounts as long as he does not provoke them.... but if he does... bonus gets lost.
And it gets recalculated as account gets bigger....
I only wanted to draw all attention that this is not something that happened for first time on zz13 (as mentioned above) ....

No - I did not say that this is a new phenomenon. I only said that I (personally) am experiencing it for the first time on Sandbox 13, and I also said that I had underestimated its demotivating and destructive effects because I had been lacking that personal experience.

When you see a 2419 points account (that´s the smallest of those LMDs) packed with enemy support land equally well supported CSs every second night, and when you see that for every LMD account you are taking out of the game with lots of effort, two new ones will appear out of nowhere, and when you know that many of those players who have seen that strategy "work" will use it in their turn on future worlds (such as the newly announced Sandbox 14), you will feel utterly frustrated.
@Draba Aspera ... my comment was not about your sayings.... was just to inform the whole community about this and remind to Inno that this is a "known issue" from their very first product and a solution ought to had been addressed not today... but yesterday!!!
But instead of a drastic solution we just see the same issue been recycled with different User Interface.....

And that is the reason why I do not like morale worlds, as no permanent solution has been provided to this issue.

As for the zz14, are you sure it is morale enabled?? because on Arci's post I did not notice mentioning morale.....
Well, it´s up to @Arci to clarify the morale settings of Sandbox 14, but since enabled morale is the current default setting, I don´t hold much hope that we will see any adjustments.


Calydonian Boar
In case anybody is interested to see the extend of the use of LMD within zz13, here are some links that show most of the conquests. This server has reduced the conquest to a single colony move. Once the colony enters, the city is lost because the siege period cannot be used due to low morale. The siege concept is crippled.
In combination with the well known alarm issue, this game has been ruined.


I also know this problem for a long time now from the live worlds (de). Low morale players who are just there to conquer towns which they pass along to their friends... I know it from both sides, enemies and my alliances or pact members. Personally I never abused this low-morale problem and none of the enemie's low-morale-accounts was able to get a city from me. For me, they are just annoying when they are scanning 24/7 and hope that I am offline. But these spam-scans aren't topic here. The Problem is that not everyone can react all the time or, as the poster above, paloukas, already mentioned, when there's a problem with the (app) alarm. These people are being punished because of a unfair "strategy". Players who are being conquered by a low-morale player have almost no chance to get back their cities. As far as I can remember this issue has always been a big topic in alliance forums, but I can't remember it being abused at such a level like it happens on zz13 since many weeks. The backgrounds of zz13 were posted here already, I won't tell these facts again. I just want to clarify that I hate low-morale conquests. Morale itself is okay, but not on conquests! It destroys all normal gameplay and ruins the remaining fun players have with this game.