Limit on Gold

This got mentioned in a previous post, but what about limiting the total amount of gold that can be used in a world?
I'm not sure what that limit should be though. 60k gold maybe.
I know one player said they'd pay $50 to play a server where gold is not a factor.
What does everyone think?


rotfl ...
60k per day / month / year ... ?

do You know about during a event can be spend on day even 30k of gold ...
ah no, 60k per the entire time of the world/server.

and i am well aware of how much can get spent during an event.
And who is going to pay for the servers maintenance, new hardware for servers, wages for Inno personel and mainly all the expences to have the "game" online?
(just wondering.....)

People... as I said on the other post we need to be a bit more realistic...
Inno is not a non-profitable foundation but a company with expenses and bills to pay.... So income is required!!!!

And by the way.... you can still beat down all those gold spenders and win them despite the gold they use ... but to do so you need a GOOD strategy!!! And that is why Grepolis is a strategy game!!!!
Well as i said at the beginning there are people who would be willing to pay a set amount so that gold is not a factor; the $50 was also just an example.

Also, I don't know about your local servers or anything, but it is hard to get people to come together and do the good strategy when all the golders are usually in the same alliance and attacking your alliance and about twice the size as everyone else.

I would also like to point out that this is just an idea; realistic or not, and of course I know that the game has expenses.
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Well then, what about a daily limit on gold spending?
Again I know that it costs money.
But the reason US Servers are dead for the most part, is because golders stand together and then gold fast troops and continuously attack.
Makes for a boring world and causes lots to quit.