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Dear players,

We have planned a new contest for you! This time we've chosen Land Explorer - Maze. Do you want to know what this contest is about? Sign up, and win great prizes.

How can I participate?

To participate you need a game account and a forum account. You don't have any account? Then you can create here your game account (click) and here a forum account (click)! When you have a (created) account, you have acces to the subforum for your answers (click). In this forum you can post your answers for this contest by creating a topic with the title of your ingame name.

What is the purpose?

Find the island that will be explored first, starting from the middle island, identified with a letter.

Duration of the match

This contest starts on Monday, March 22nd and will end on Sunday, March 28th.


  1. Each player may only participate with one account. Multiple entries are not possible.
  2. Please, open ONE thread only on the entry section.
  3. As usual, members of the Grepolis Team are disqualified.
  4. Talking is not allowed. If we suspect that responses be communicated we may decide to cancel or exclude players throughout the contest participation.
  5. It is not allowed to change your answer.


  • 600 gold to 5 lucky winners!

Your Grepolis Team

Not open for further replies.