Not a Bug/Cannot reproduce Issue with the Sea and the city

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Ingame Nick: 50400
Affected world: zz7

(Bug found on desktop version)
Browser: Mozilla Firefox

Steps to reproduce:I think if you colonize an other city on the borderline of two sea, the bug will reproduces itself

Detailed error description (What you see): I colonize a city on the sea 78, juste after the bordeline between 77 and 78, but in the classment, this city was show on the classement of the sea 77

How it should be: The city must be in the classment of the sea 78



Thanks for your report.

It happend that an island have another number than the map is displaying. The reason for this is that it is not about the center of an island, but the start of the island. If a tiny corner of that island is put in ocean 77, the island starts in ocean 77.

It is all about the boundry, it is weird I get it. But it is normal.

This is not a bug