Fixed Issue with Simulator


Brave Browser
Reproduction steps:
this happens 90% of the time and it drives me crazy. I use the same browser and laptop in 2 other servers no issue. US & EN

I open my spy report
Hit the simulator tab
the second I try to type in a number of units the overview tab opens and I have to do it over again.
Sometimes I have to do this a few times before it works


Community Manager
Grepolis Team
I can't seem to reproduce it, could you find some steps to get 100% reproduction rate?

When I hit the simulator tab and type a number of units everything works. Maybe there's an extra step in between?


its seems that its now working as of 2 days ago. Sorry I should have responded. Unfortunately Grepolis is almost unplayable now on my laptops which is 99% of how I play. I have another topic started. the last update killed this game for me. I can't click on things without it not working of skipping. The curser will blink when its over anything the requires impute. An example if I want to choose how many resources or how many units I want to send I have to keep clicking or manually type in the numbers. All scripts are removed. Brave browser, MS edge, Chrome all the same. Also on another laptop with another OS same issues. If not for the wonders starting I would have gave up but once they are finished I am done until the next update.



Its almost like a flash issues. But all software and patches are updated same with browsers. No virus or spyware detected. Im an actual IT professional for a living so I did make sure all software up updated. Also flashed my CMOS