Not a Bug/Cannot reproduce Increase Hymn with 20% - works, I was used with number of hours :)


Happiness was accepted together with Hymn, but no growth was visible - 1000% epic was also active, so I expected some visible growth.
But visible after the epic ended :).
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Hello @esclaramonde,
I tried Hymn and in my case works as expected.
  • Before the Hymn spell, I farmed 13 resources from one village, after Hymn I farmed 16 resources from one village which is correct since Hymn provides +20% resources.
  • Before the Hymn spell, I was able to trade 3000 silver for 3750 stone (ration 1:1.25), after the Hymn spell I was able to trade 3000 silver for 3750 (+ another 375) stone. That is also correct because the spell also provides +10% trade output.
Please notice that this spell does not affect production. It affects resources collected and traded from farming villages.

Can you please check once again and possibly confirm?