Fixed I can't go out VM :(


world : my 2 bêta worlds (SANDBOX and sandbox5) - no problem with french servor
playing with Chrome

I'm not sure it's a bug, but I don't know where cry :((
I can't go out VM.

I hope you will able to say me what I can do (of course I already cleaned cookies etc) and I'm "trying later" since 2 hours.
I want come back !!!


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Grepolis Team
This is the right place to report a bug :)

I did some magic tricks from the admin panel, can you try to login again?


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Grepolis Team
For sure I can help him too, but he must say himself that he wants to remove his VM, on this forum and not on DE.
She is ofline, for the moment and doesn't speak or write any word in English. I will give her your message and she will come back to you.

Thanks in advance!