Awaiting feedback Hero slot for gold


Ingame Nick: missinnocence
Affected world: us59

(Bug found on desktop version)
Browser: chrome

Steps to reproduce:
I restarted my account on this world, lost all slots, but my hero collection is intact. I have more heroes than my cultural level would allow.
I don't have the cultural levels yet to purchase a new hero, but the system offers hero slots for gold, therefore I spent 250 gold to open up one.

Detailed error description (What you see):
The system ate my gold, I still can't get a new hero and getting the same offer to buy more slots.


How it should be:
Should not allow to buy a slot or at least give a warning, for example:
you can buy additional hero slots only if your cultural level = your heroes number

It is also a misleading message that I could get a new hero if I reached cultural level 7.
When I reach it, the message will be 'Reach cultural level 8'.

I know it is an extreme situation... but still.
I wonder if I get my extra slot at all what I just bought when I reach cultural level 15 = my current number of heroes.


+ a question, how does this extra slot work?

lets say I'm on cultural level 5 and have got 5 heroes already, I open a slot with gold to get a 6th hero.
when I finally reach cultural level 6....

.... will I keep the extra slot and be able to purchase a 7th hero
.... I paid 250 gold only to get a hero early and I have to pay again to get a new hero above my cultural level

This is not clarified in WIKI. I assume I'm buying an additional hero slot, then I should be able to keep it on any cultural level. Same logic like the inventory slots for example.
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Grepolis Team
This issue has been fixed on beta a few days ago.

I see in the report that you're talking about the server us59. In this case you should send a ticket to the US support, I can't help you from here.

Most probably this bug will be fixed on the live version with the next live update anyways.