Not a Bug/Cannot reproduce Helmet of invisibility - bug ??


Hello ,
as far I remeber ( 5 years of playing in grepo )
the spell of Helmet of invisibility can been cast on any time of travel a units , just if travel time was more than 10% of overall travel time ,
was a information about spell will dont have a effect but cast a spell was always possible ,

now ( from last 1-3 weeks ) i dont remeber when its happened , cast a spell is impossible when units are to far

its displaying info on RED scarf like on picutre ...

WHY ???

it was a one of cheapest spells to protect a units from Zeus rage or storm , can cast it on any time like others ..
now disabling possibility to cast it after units are to far , You give another buff for defenders ...



last change unable to use/cast this spell even if is no more effect on attacking units - use of spell has been blocked pernamently when units reach 10% of travel
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It was not supposed to be a change, it was only supposed to be a bugfix, but that bugfix has gone wrong, and has created a new bug.

We have already complained about this nonsense in the German forum.

As it should be:

If the spell is cast before or during the first 10% of the travel time, the attack will be invisible until those first 10% of the way are over. After that time the spell will still protect the attack, even though its own effect (invisibility) does not work anymore.
If the spell is cast when the first 10% of the travel time have already passed, there will be a warning that the casting of the spell will not make the attack invisible any longer, but the spell can be cast anyway - as S.G-1 said, it is the cheapest way to protect attacks, and has been used mainly for that purpose.

I strongly recommend to fix this back to the old behaviour as described above as soon as possible. For the new endgame it will be more important than ever to protect attacks, and more than once, since all members of the alliance owning an attacked temple can cast spells on every temple attack, while the attackers can only rely on their own favour. That´s not the right time to change the behaviour of the helmet so massively (and to call it only a bugfix).


@Arci any info for return back previous version of cast spell of "helmet" in any time of travel time ?

additional if it was as someone IDEA , to who we should to thank You for this irracional change .. who vote for this ..??
@S.G-1: Again - this was not a change, this is not a new feature - only a bugfix clearly gone wrong.

With update 2,214 this bug should have been fixed, according to the respective changelog:

2020-06-24 15_38_39-Window.png

And instead that attempt created a new bug.

@Arci: I would really appreciate if this bug was acknowledged and fixed as soon as possible. We all know how the spell should work, I don´t really understand why this bug report´s status is still "unconfirmed".
Thank you!

If there is a new intended behaviour. this should have been listed under "Changes" in the changelog. But if it was only a bugfix (and that is what it seems to have been) this bugfix should have resulted in the restoration of the old behaviour that we have known and seen for years, and not in a completely new behaviour/nuisance.


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It seems to be a side effect of the bug fix, somewhere between the bug fix and a new change, it's not all black or white :p

I already forwarded the feedback to bring its behaviour back as it was before.