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Dear players,

We have planned a new contest for you! This time we've chosen GrepPix. Do you want to know what this contest is about? Sign up, and win great prizes.

How can I participate?

To participate you need a game account and a forum account. You don't have any account? Then you can create here your game account (click) and here a forum account (click)! When you have a (created) account, you have acces to the subforum for your answers (click). In this forum you can post your answers for this contest by creating a topic with the title of your ingame name.

What is the purpose?

In this contest you will find 10 images from the Grepolis Wiki that have been pixalated. Can you identify them?

Duration of the match

This contest starts on Monday May 18th and will end on Sunday May 24th.


  1. Each player may only participate with one account. Multiple entries are not possible.
  2. Please, open ONE thread only on the entry section.
  3. As usual, members of the Grepolis Team are disqualified.
  4. Talking is not allowed. If we suspect that responses be communicated we may decide to cancel or exclude players throughout the contest participation.
  5. It is not allowed to change your answer.

  • Participant who finishes in first place: 1000 gold
  • Participant who finishes in second place: 700 gold
  • Participant who finishes in third place: 400 gold
  • Random: 250 gold
  • Random: 250 gold

Your Grepolis Team

Do not write the answers here because they will not count, open a new topic as it tells you at the beginning: " When you have a (created) account, you have access to the subforum for your answer. In this forum you can post your answers for this contest by creating a topic with the title of your ingame name. "


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The results

1. Hades

2. Cave

3. Plow

4. Hydra

5. Athena

6. Horseman

7. Battering Ram

8. Ceramics

9. Improved Defense

10. Rare Unit Boost

AnswersUltimateGRJurius CaesarGEORGE6799nestoras72VmpapavaSakal
Entry Date18-05-202019-05-202019-05-202019-05-202018-05-202018-05-2020
Entry Time11:3010:1310:4616:4217:2417:25
7Battering RamBattering RamBattering RamBattering RamN/ABattering RamBattering Ram
9Improved DefenseImproved Defense(Epic)Improved Defense (Epic)Improved DefenseN/AImproved DefenseImproved Defense
10Rare Unit BoostReduced Recruitment times(Rare)Reduced Recruitment times (rare)Reduced Recruitment times (Rare)N/AReduced Recruitment times (Rare)Redyced ricruitment time

AnswersThe creatorsUsCaptainkostantino200070peterzazouVvhb
Entry Date18-05-202019-05-202019-05-202019-05-202020-05-2020
Entry Time20:0019:0300:421:141:45
7Battering RamN/ABATTERING RAMBattering ramBattering rambattering ram
9Improved DefenseN/AIMPROVED DEFENSEimproved defenceImproved defenseimproved defense
10Rare Unit BoostN/ARARE UNIT ORDER BOOSTReduced Recruitment TimesReduced Recruitment Times (rare)reduced recruitment time

N/A = No Answer

The Winners

1st place-GEORGE6799-1000 gold
2nd place-Vmpapava-700 gold
3rd place-Sakal-500 gold
Random-Vvhb-250 gold
Random-Jurius Caesar-250 gold

We congratulate all participants with their prizes! Arci will award all gold prizes to the players after the contest is over!

Stay tuned for the next forum contest that will be hosted soon!

Your Grepolis Team

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