Fixed Grepolympia: Awards

Ingame Nick: Draba Aspera
Affected world: zz7

(Bug found on desktop version)
Browser: FF

With another 20 hrs to go in the first competition, I have just received the first award for the second one...^^



That´s strange, isn´t it? I hope my athletes will not be disqualified...^^
Steps to reproduce an award notification? :p No, sorry - I participated in the shield luge competition, obviously, that´s all.

As you can see in the screenshot I had already completed the four awards for the luger competiton and was on rank 1 in the player ranking. I received the award notification for the biathlon competition after I had scored once again in the luger competition.

Seems as if the system went on counting the athlete´s level for another (fifth and not available) award, and when that level exceeded a certain set limit (I don´t exaxtly remember my athlete´s level, but it was well above 200) the excess counted for the next competition - which should not happen, obviously.
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Well, nobody seems to be interested in this bug...^^

It happened again last night:



Since the figure skating competition will start not before 10:00 a.m. I should not have received this figure skating award last night.

My biathlon athlete has reached level 134 by now.


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It is already reported, but considering that it's not a game breaking issue, it may take a little bit longer than the weekend to get fixed :)
Status was "Awaiting feedback" after 4 days and I had received no further response. How am I supposed to know that it is "already reported"?

There are some more bug reports in this forum in need of a status update, btw...^^


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Don't worry about the bug report flow, once you've reported it :)

If you need further clarifications you can reach me via pm.
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In the skating competition, I had all four training slots filled. When the time expired for the first one, it did not disappear, so the remaining troops could not be used and I could not add any more.