Grepolis Player Council

What is going on with Grepolis Player Council?
Is there an update?

Is it official that there will not be a 3rd term and that the whole project is abandoned?

Just asking as in announcements I could not find an official announcement of project been officially cancelled.

You might remember this thread:

There never was an "official announcement" in the respective sections of the Community forums. You might remember that the GPC members had to transport (or were "allowed" to transport^^) Anna Sieprawska´s statement regarding the end of the project into their Community forums - and that also means that the players of markets not represented in the Inner Council received no information at all. The clear message was: "Thank you for your time and effort, but unfortunately the project (and you) are/were not worth ours".

I have developed a very strong opinion regarding the Lead Community Manager´s overall performance, and so far I have seen nothing to improve that opinion of mine. However, maybe the blame lies elsewhere.

It might speak for itself that InnoGames currently is looking for an in-house "Community specialist" for Grepolis, some kind of "assistant" reporting to "Lead Community Managers and Product Managers":

The job description and profile resemble those of a LCM, though. This could mean that there won´t be a LCM for Grepolis in the future, i.e. it could mean that there will be less LCMs in the company, responsible for more than one game each, and therefore not able to fulfill all community tasks required. It could also mean that the management has noticed that the communication with the Grepolis players must be improved and that an additional "communicator" is needed - but do we really believe that?^^
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Community Manager
Grepolis Team
reporting to "Lead Community Managers and Product Managers":
This could mean that there won´t be a LCM for Grepolis in the future
Uhm... if that's written that the Community Specialist will have to report to the Lead Community Manager, what makes you think there will be no longer a LCM? That really sounds as a contradiction :/

That role will be an additional one, supporting the LCM and CMs in involving the community. You should be happy about that as it will be an improvement, not just a reassignment of roles :)
No, in my text it was not a contradiction - you just left out the explanatory rest of the sentence when you quoted me...^^

Well, if it´s really an additional role, we will be at least hopeful while waiting for that improvement. But you might understand that it´s hard to believe indeed after having seen all communication efforts from InnoGames´ side coming to a halt in the course of last year, and after that statement declaring such efforts not worth their while, and all the frustration caused by that attitude.

Let´s wait and see.
@Draba Aspera yes.. I do recall that post... but I said.. I want an official confirmation...
As it was officially announced the creation... I want to know officially if this has been cancelled... if it is official that when they ask the so called "community" to participate in general to this project named "Grepolis" at they same time they just boycott the very same efforts....

As for the the job ad, I have seen it there for a couple of days... but then again it is not me that is going to say that the solution to the problem is to hire one more person but to also evaluate the ones we already have.... as again this is my personal opinion and I am going to hear the very same thing they told me for GPC and again we are going to have the very same results...