Grepolis 2.0: The Phoenician Trader


Hello Players and Forum Goers,

Today we will introduce the Phoenician Trader.

The Phoenician trader can visit every city which has built both the harbor and the marketplace. However he cannot visit the same city twice in a row. During his visits the player will be able to trade 2 resources for a third different resource (for example: wood + clay for silver). The player may only trade in one catagory and will have to choose. The conversion rate of the Phoenician trader is 1:1.5 (1:2 with the merchant’s shop). The available amount of resources is dependent on the docks and marketplace building levels, plus a random variable.

The trader will also provide 3 random units that will be available to the player in exchange for silver. Even mystical units may become available (rare), but the city must have a temple, and be worshipping the correct god.

The Phoenician trader will visit your city for a certain amount of hours when you login. Then he will leave to do more business elsewhere. You will be able to decrease the duration between Phoenician visits with the use of gold (20). To receive resources or troops your city must have the available warehouse space or population. Further Phoenician details will be revealed in the future.

The complete Grepolis 2.0 patch will be implemented into the game, approximately, at the end of January.
(We should expect implementation on this server 1-2 weeks beforehand for testing)

Our next topic will talk about the new 2.0 update Islands.


The Grepolis Team
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