Grepolis 2.0 New God


Patch preview 2.0: Hades


Hades crawled up from the underworld to aid our players during their conquests. Not only is the lord of the underworld incredibly stylish, but he also adds some interesting aspects to the game. Cerberos and the Erinyes will act as reinforcements on the battlefield, and his dark powers will aid in conquering your enemies.

Mythical units:

• Cerberus: The three-headed hound of hell is almost impervious to strikes, however well placed arrows can slay him.

• Erinyes: You don’t want the relentless goddesses of vengeance as enemies. They are incredibly fast and almost impossible to hit.

Of course Hades will have his own set of powers to aid the players in their conquests. One power is a surprise, and will be revealed with the 2.0 patch.

Hades’ divine powers:

• Treasures of the Underworld: You receive 500 silver coins.

• Helmet of Invisibility: Your troops are invisible for the first 10 % of their journey.

• Return of the Dead: 10 % of your killed units return to their home city.

• Plague: (Surprise Power)

The next 2.0 Preview will be about the heroworlds. What they are, and who can play in them will be released soon!
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