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    Jan 11, 2011

    Hello players,

    Some time ago, we brought you Gold Trading, a feature intended to improve the flow and balance of Gold throughout the worlds, and allow players to trade their resources for Gold to give them access to Premium features like The Advisors. This system is popular, and quite effective, but we would like to further improve the accessibility of Gold to players, so we've have revamped the Gold Trading system, and replaced it with our new feature; Gold Exchange.

    What are the changes?
    With Gold Exchange we will implement a centralized system where players will be able to buy and sell resources in exchange for Gold. This will do away with reliance on others around you having trades available should you want to get some more Gold, or more resources.

    There will be a Gold Exchange for every Ocean. This Gold Exchange will have a specific stock of each resource type available for purchase, and you can sell your resources, and add them to the stock in exchange for Gold.

    Over time, the maximum stock will increase based on the Exchange's activity. If an Ocean has a lot of people using the Exchange, then the maximum stock will increase. Similarly, if the Exchange is less used, then the maximum stock will decrease.

    The price offered for buying/selling resources will fluctuate based on the stock. If, for example, there is very little Wood available in the Exchange's stock, then the price of Wood will be high. If the stock is high or fuller, then the price will be lower.

    Why do we bring them?
    Currently, the Gold Trading system relies heavily on activity from other players to be a valuable feature. With this new system we hope to increase the overall availability of this feature, extending it to all players, in hopes it will improve the overall balance throughout worlds.

    What will happen with the old trades?
    To facilitate a smooth transition between Gold Trading, and the new Gold Exchange, we want to have a period between the two to ensure they don't interfere with one another. With this in mind we will:

    - On Tuesday 19th, disable Gold Trading on all worlds.
    - Cancel all currently open or ongoing trades. With this cancellation, all resources will be returned to their original owners.
    - The next day, we will then enable Gold Exchange on all worlds, and once enabled, will be available for all players.

    For a full explanation of Gold Trading, you can check out our dedicated Wiki page. We're also hoping to shape and improve this feature with your help, so please leave your comments in the feedback thread.

    Thanks, and good luck!
    Your Grepolis Team
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    Jan 11, 2011
    Gold Exchange has now been enabled!
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