Acknowledged Gaia´s wealth: City festivals

Ingame Nick: Draba Aspera
Affected world(s): zz13
Browser: FF
Reproduction steps:
  1. . Find a city with almost but not yet enough resources to start a city festival
  2. . Open Agora and notice that you can start a city festival although some resources are still missing
  3. .
Detailed error description (What you see):
While switching through my cities with the agora opened, I noticed that the button for the starting city festivals was active (not greyed out) in several cities although at least one of the resources had not yet reached the necessary level.
My first thought was that the display of the resources was stuck at a lower level (as it sometimes happens during events and with many effects active), thus I pressed F5 to refresh the page - but the resources were still missing, and the city festival could still be started. No user scripts active, btw.

The "issue" started when "Gaia´s wealth" was introduced yesterday in the afternoon. I would guess that there might be either a discrepancy between the resource status calculated in the back-end, and the resource status displayed in the UI since this weekend´s resource booster was started - or the costs of city festivals have been unintendedly reduced without the lowered costs being stated in the agora.

How it should be:


After I had started the city festival, the resource display even showed a remaining surplus of resources:

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Yesterday I did some tests but everything worked fine on the resource amount.
If this happened just once I think it's not something we should worry about, but if this happens again consistently please inform us here again.
Well, I had some people testing during the weekend, and they confirmed that it happened in a number of worlds, also in DE live worlds, while the additional resource booster was active.

What happened? While the additional resource booster ("Gaia´s wealth") was running during the weekend, the discrepancy between the resources displayed in the UI and the resources adding up in the backend/background was getting bigger and bigger the longer the session lasted. We have found discrepancies up to appr. 10% of the warehouse volume, and while testing I could start no less than 16 city festivals (and some construction orders, too) without having the resources required (not according to the UI, at least).

The funny thing here is that in most cases F5 does not update the UI resource display when it is lagging behind as described, but only using (or adding) some of the resources will update their status. When, for example, you store some silver into your cave before starting the city festival in the Agora, the resource status will be updated and you will see that you actual have (or would have had^^) enough resources to start the festival although there seemed not to be enough resources before you had stored that silver. Or when you cast a resource spell on the city, its resource status will be updated correctly as well.
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It also had this bug. On the beta worlds and on live worlds. It is not just a one-time thing if Innogames plans to add such boosters in future again.