Future of Grepolis?


Hey guys , especially @Arci and @bogdy 95 , i'm curious about something , is the game dying? is the dev team is reduced to the minimal amount of developpers?

I'm clearly asking because now from 5 months the devblog is totally SILENT fo the first time since the beginning of this blog , what's up?

Just asking to know if it's still usefull to provide feedback on the forum?


Community Manager
Grepolis Team
First of all, don't forget that the game is 9 years old (actually turns 10 this year) so it's undeniable that the game is on a descending phase. Every game has its lifetime and different phases.

That said, Grepolis still has a good developers team (obviously smaller than 6-7 years ago), but as they focus more on the game and we don't have huge updates that often, the posts on the devblog have been reduced. Would be kind of useless to read on the devblog the exact same content we already have in the changelogs.

There isn't any clear link to me between devblog posts and feedbacks on the forum. Just because there aren't new posts on the devblog doesn't mean that the game is dead and no longer developed. As you can see we still have daily updates, new small and big features (an entire new endgame released just a few months ago).

The game is still developed and obviously feedbacks are always welcome :)