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Please share here your feedback on Tyche's Wheel new twist!
I really don´t know whether the number (and number of repetitions) of this year´s events are worth any further comments. This is the second edition of "Tyche´s Wheel of Fortune" in 2021, even the fourth edition of an event of the Battleship type in a single year, and the change of the "canvas" (and the event icon) will fool nobody.

However, as this event will be on the live worlds in December and maybe even run during the holidays (and ingame peace time) as it did last year, I still wish to deliver some remarks.

This is the second holiday season we all have to spend with the restrictions imposed on us by the pandemic. We cannot meet and celebrate with all our loved ones, Christmas markets get cancelled everywhere with the incidence rates peaking again, and people are longing for some normalcy, traditions and human warmth, especially in the darker and colder season of the year.

When InnoGames chose to ban any hint of Christmas or even any symbols of the festive season from the game last year, this was widely perceived as a strange lack of empathy, especially under those special conditions. Okay, "political (or rather religious) correctness" always is to be considered, but there never were any Christian symbols in the game, only some seasonal decorations quite common in the Northern hemisphere (where the majority of Grepolis players live).

Let´s have a look on some of the former winter event decorations:

2010 and 11 some presents were drifting in the oceans:


2012, the Greek Gods were having a party in their cozy home on Olympos:


From 2013 up to 2019, Tyches´s Wheel took over, sporting a nightly landscape and a mixture of seasonal and ingame decorations also unoffensive to non-Christians with the only "religious" symbol being Zeus on top:


And now, in 2021, you offer a "Wheel of Battle", with thousands of soldiers in full armour, ready to charge, threatening clouds on the horizon and black smoke rising from an apparently burning city in the background. Really? You really think that´s the heart-warming sight players are wishing for in the holiday season, and of all things during a pandemic?


Last year it might have simply been a lack of empathy, but how are we supposed to call it this year, and especially after last year´s feedback? Or, as some people ask while rolling their eyes: Maybe this event will not even be the last one for this year? Maybe they will still find a week somewhere for still another one?^^

After a series of strange decisions in 2020/2021 (more events when players were asking for less, Olympus changes that were not helpful at all and ignored all the suggestions provided by players, more and more powerful spells and mythical units when some players had even asked for a mitigation of the existing ones, etc), this one might be considered a minor one - but all the same, strange it is.

Happy holidays to the team in Hamburg - and may they use the peaceful (?) holiday season for some reconsideration.
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