Feedback: Sparta vs Hades 2021


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Grepolis Team
Share here your feedback on this year's edition of Sparta vs Hades.
Share here your feedback on this year's edition of Sparta vs Hades.

It´s this year´s second edition of the event. And it´s the third event we will have seen for a second time this year

What we will be doing is making changes to the event calendar overall, specifically, by shortening event durations for some events across the year. The reason for this is twofold, really. The first reason is to keep events overall engaging and fun for players to participate in. We feel that some of our events go on a bit too long, and we notice in our analysis of these events that participation drops off towards the end of events. The second reason is that it allows us to reorganize our event calendar to bring you the events which are most liked by the community which we've previously omitted from the calendar because we couldn't fit them in the year! Overall, we won't won't increase the number of event days during the year (or at least not significantly) and only increase the variety.

Unfortunately the two reasons given for shorter event durations but more events during the year seem to have been untrue. The frequency of events is crazy this year (15 events, 196 event days), thus clearly contradicting the "fun for players" thesis, and the three double appearances (Aegean Battleships, Spartan Assassins and now Sparta vs Hades) also prove that this is not about "increased variety". It´s about maximizing sales, and not about an improved game experience for the players who feel repelled by what they are increasingly perceiving as outright greed.

I highly recommend to rethink the event calendar for the next year(s) and to return to a digestible number of events and event days. The number of events was growing over the years, but this year it has reached an almost intolerable new peak.