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Feel free to share here any feedback about this year's edition of Pandora's Box!
In my opinion, this year´s event frequency is intolerable. Only 7 days will have gone by between the end of Aegean Battleships and the start of Pandora, and considering the extraordinary "quality" of the updates 2.245 and 2.246, the last thing I want in this situation is another event with more bugs (and Pandora´s Box was buggy in 2017, and it was buggy in 2018).
There are two more issues with this event.

1) The duration of the event was reduced, but no measures have been taken to adapt the event to the reduced duration. As a result, we are now stuck with an event that cannot be completed, not even if players were stupid enough to invest lots of gold in trying.

2) Again, the rewards do not follow the usual formula "base value x games speed x personal game progress" - the rewards do not take the personal game progress into account. We had reported that as a bug in 2018 and received the answer that in this case this behaviour was intended but that our complaints (rewards too weak for an event that time consuming) would be considered for future iterations.

As a matter of fact, none of the feedback from 2018 has resulted in any improvements - absolutely nothing has been changed or adapted or fixed.
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And after all I like that they believe they will attract new customers with this sloppy work. Maybe in their day dreams. They have to understand that there are no more customer ready to spend money for nothing
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Also reported as early as 2018, and also not fixed:

On the event icon in the UI, the number of troop packages achieved is not counted. In addition to that, the missions tab stating the number of troop packages is not accessible during the 5 hour cooldown periods (and thus for most of the day, at least in the early stages of the event). Of course that´s not a bug (technically speaking) but it´s a major (and avoidable) nuisance.
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The rewards are outrageously bad contrast to the effort and gold, possibly, they require. Plus there so many inconsistencies, for example on level 26 you get 15 harpies and 2 levels next you get nereids and on the next 12 biremes. How and who designed that event, this is disgraceful...


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Hello @Draba Aspera,
thank you for your feedback. I will make sure to report the issue you mentioned.

I agree that there could be a slight improvement in terms of better rewards and will include it in my report as well. :)


When will this event finally be stopped here .. nobody wants it here .. because you have to be online 24 hours a day again .. I don't even want to talk about the rewards .. this event is a nightmare .. from box 30 the ghost catch rate is practically zero .. get rid of that or develop a new event ..