Feedback: Olympus Rebalancing and changes

Olympus will spawn either after all Large Temples were conquered, or after a pre-defined period of time. That fixed period of time lasted for only 19 days on zz21, and 12 or 13 days out of these 19 days were blocked by temple shielding (which is absolutely nonsensical in the Large Temple stage).

Thus Olympus spawned when it was supposed to spawn, but there was not enough time to conquer the Large Temples (or to reorganize the assignment of the temples to "specialized" alliances in preparation for its spawning. The mess was created by the temple shielding and other changes, e.g. the increased defence of the temples and Olympus,, It was not a bug, technically speaking.

Btw, as we all know the unconquered Large Temples do not disappear after Olympus has spawned, but that incorrect information was never deleted from the info tab of the Olympus window.
According to the German CoMa, there was a change in the behaviour of the Curse of Olympus in update 2.247. That change is missing in the Beta changelog - could you please add it and explain it in detail?