Feedback: Nerfing a deity – Ares Rebalancing

I insist, there is no need for ladons in this game.. With their use, the rest of the mythics are neglected. And with Spartois and the Temples its a huge advantage for the offender.. There are no good defensive Temples and you are forcing the defender to wall up the city.. You added Aphrodite with the Narcissism and now there is no way an alliance can hold a conquest with 0 or 1 wall. You are forcing the conquest players to make more and more defensive units but with the passive of Ladons and the fury eventually, there is a 80% percent chance that the conquest will break.

This is not fun at all and its overdone. Rebalnce this, with the add of new Defensive Gods, or disable ladons

Topolino 98

The changes appear to make the situation certainly more balanced than now.

I do some reflections and questions:
  • Bloodlust no longer produces Fury. And Ares' Army adds a maximum of 200 Spartoi. I thought they would decrease the power of only one of the two spells, or at most a little of both. When the Double-Damage Bug was fixed, the situation in terms of defending sieges was quite sustainable, at least in the Italian worlds.
  • After making this massive nerf, will the Ghost Spartoi continue to fight individually or together to the other units? (I assume they will continue to fight individually as the Ladons Passive description says they no longer affect the ghost Spartoi).
    200 Spartoi deals little damage in single combat against a big wall of units.
  • I also wonder if the Ladons will now be included as a prize in some events and at the Phoenician Trader.


The situation is "from the zenith to the nadir" . From a powerfull unit Ladon now is totally useless unit and very expencive. Just abolish it from inventory. This Ares balance made the god a goat. Totally Useless.


Divine Envoy
Ares was unique i loved it, best thing to happen in grepolis in long time better than aphrodite then the players that did not build enough swordsmen to counter ladons and spartoi complained it was then discovered there was an unfair double attack/ damage mechanic when using spartois instead of first fixing that and retesting the grep people fixed that and then proceeded to dismantle without testing 1- ladons. 2- bloodlust 3 -ares army and even interfere with 4- sacrifice and left spartan training as is and on top of that did not increse the percentage on training even though it was now maybe quadruply more difficult to get fury. The real problem with ares was 1. speed on ladons was overwelming 2. bloodlust. U guys did not consult players and produced hera #2 because now attack on ladons is less than that of slings and are doubly hard to produce so its unlikely u will see ladons, its supposed to be GOD OF WAR not Goddess of war and not god of building troops #2 now if it could affect ship building but ares was never known for that . So as a result of not fixing each issue one at a time in sandbox and retesting its now overly nerfed. To be frank it would be better to remove ares in its present form and make a new god.