Feedback: Changelog 2.272


Divine Envoy
• """Dionysia Event: Several bugfixes were implemented"""
How will I give feedback if I don't have information? will it be the same as the last event penalizing who is willing to spend gold?
Well, I am trying to figure out whether playing on Beta makes any sense with changelogs being published three weeks after the changes were implemented. I was really hoping that the situation would be improved but it´s getting worse, and I am tired of it.

Regarding the changes made to events:

For events not yet introduced, it´s confusing to read about changes and bugfixes. Would only make sense if the event you are working on was introduced in the DevBlog and discussed there.

For events already introduced, the information that "improvements" have been made is without any value if these improvements or bugfixes are not addressed in detail.