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We are looking forward to your feedback about version 2.263.


For almost two years, more precisely from the changelog of 15 August 2019, players have no longer been informed about the releases of new updates, making it unnerving and tiring to help developers by identifying bugs and malfunctions mainly because you do not know what and where to look.
Beta servers are increasingly normal game servers where players spend their time in low-competitive conditions, but where interactions between developers and users are perhaps even more reduced than in live worlds.
In the topic of the new Olympus world revolt, for example, some feedback was presented regarding the gameplay, some of these issues had already been made present at the time of the devblog, but even then no developer bothered to listen to the users.

In these two years it seems to have started a drift of uselessness of the beta world as a test server which I hope can be reversed.
The lack of information about changelogs/versions and the content of daily updates on Beta is not only unnerving - it is leading the overall objective of Beta worlds ad absurdum.

I am absolutely fed up with windy excuses for this now permanent and untenable situation, because imo there are no valid excuses for that disrespect towards the community and the game. I have never seen a worse situation in the Beta forum - and I have seen a lot in the course of my more than 9 years on Beta. Information about changes comes three weeks late, even later than in the live forums, or (in most cases) not at all; information about bugfixes comes much too late and/or incomplete, some changelogs are missing completely and the incompelet ones are never revised. At times I am even losing track of which version is currently being deployed (and had to update my memory in-game) because nobody even bothers any more to inform us when the deployment of a new version starts, neither via in-game message nor in the forum.

There have been so many dedicated team members and players over the years, knowing that information and communication is the key to a sound game development and user satisfaction - and now you let it all go down the drain. It´s a shame.
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