Feedback: Aphrodite


May I ask, does the attack planner take into account the shortening of the attack by the siren?
Probably not at first.
I can not see how it would work since you need to close and open attack planner to refresh the timer numbers, when you use something to make the attacks/supports faster.
So my guess is that it doesnt work in attackplanner.


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Please open a new thread in the bug section if you want to, so that we can keep track of the issue on the forum and doesn't get lost here :)


how many additional population we receive
if will work Thermal Baths give 10% of basic or with bonus with Pygmalion
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Why do you count statue as a -60?
You simply get +225 population at 45lvl farm.
And if you use all the population and change god, it goes to -225.


The 2 spells hymn to aphrodite, and charitable festival are buffed for each active bonus on the city.
What counts as an active bonus? I have been testing it, but no matter what i do, i do not get a better bonus.